Reem Younis

Mrs. Reem Younis, Co-founder, Alpha Omega, was born (1964) and raised in Nazareth, Israel. Mrs. Younis holds a B.Sc. Degree in civil engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Together with her husband, she founded “Alpha Omega Ltd.” in 1993. Alpha Omega started as an R&D subcontractor and worked with companies and scientists in the Neuroscience fields. Throughout the years AO grew internationally to be one of the leading companies in the neurosurgery field. In 1994 Mrs. Younis Co-founded “Alpha-Cad Ltd.” a company that specializes in supplying complete CAD solutions, mainly for construction businesses. The company made exit in 2003. Currently, she is a board member of “Kav Mashve”, an association for the equality of Arab academic graduates in the Israeli employment market.
Country: Israel
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