David Rabin

Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD, is a neuroscientist, board -certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur & inventor who has been studying the impact of chronic stress in humans for more than a decade, particularly non-invasive therapies for treatment-resistant illnesses like PTSD. He is the co-founder & chief innovation officer at Apollo Neuroscience and the co-founder & executive director of The Board of Medicine. In addition to his clinical psychiatry practice, Dr. Rabin is currently conducting research on the epigenetic regulation of trauma responses and recovery to elucidate the mechanism of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the neurobiology of belief. He received his MD in medicine and PhD in neuroscience from Albany Medical College and specialized in psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He has been married to Kathryn Fantauzzi, CEO and co-founder of Apollo Neuroscience, since 2016. Together they live in Monterey, California.
Country: United States
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